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Tutor: Catherine Harry  

Level: Beginners to Advanced

Date: Sunday 17th November 2019

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Place: Drummoyne Community Centre, 10 Cometrowe St, Drummoyne

Cost: DAS Members $80.00 & Non Members $85.00


About Catherine:

Catherine is a Sydney (FRAS) based artist who has been exhibiting professionally for 30 years in commercial galleries, art shows and is a council member of the Royal Art Society.
She has won numerous awards and her works have been used in art publications and purchased by government organisations. Since 2008 Catherine has had four successful solo exhibitions. She conducts workshops and recently taught at the Mitchell School of Arts. Catherine studied at the National Art School in Sydney and later extended her studies at UTS obtaining a Teaching Degree.
Part of her development in the visual arts culture has been to study at the Julian Ashton Art School, as well as the study of traditional and ethnic art practices in Europe, U.S.A. and South East Asia.


About the Workshop:

Catherine's paintings are drawn from the visual experience of life on a sensory and emotional level. She describes her artistic style as oscillating between figurative and abstraction and her workshop can help you understand and apply this to your own paintings. In the moment when colour, shapes and marks begin to interact, the painting takes on a life of its own reflecting the artist's observations, experiences and imagination.


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Tutor: Barbara Enright  

Level: All levels welcome

Date: Saturday 7th December 2019

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Place: gallery57 crn Clermont Ave & Wellbank St, Concord

Cost: $90.00, all materials included


About Barbara:

Barbara studied show card and ticket writing in 1967 and hasn’t put down her brushes since. 40 plus years of lettering experience! Barbara produced thousands of ticket cards for Myer Melbourne, Grace Bros. and other retail outlets in Sydney. She started her own show card, ticket writing and screen printing studio producing retail and promotional signage. She’s also a seasoned teacher, having taught ticket writing and calligraphy classes both privately and through TAFE NSW.

Barbara’s enthusiasm for lettering is contagious! She is thrilled to hear that lettering is making a huge comeback in the design scene, and wants to pass on her years of experience to fellow lettering nerds and type aficionados. Barbara's special skills need to be shared with others. Barbara has taught to hundreds of students globally.


About the Workshop:

In this one-day workshop, Barbara will teach you the key skills to become confident in Script Lettering. The course is for beginners, but everyone is welcome. You’ll begin with warm up drills, using a real lettering brush, to introduce you to the gliding action and delicate nature of paint, water and brush. After the warm up is over, we move on to the lowercase and uppercase alphabet. You’ll have a clear understanding of thick and thins, when to reload your brush, and how to achieve a gorgeous script style.

At the end of the workshop you will take away a new skill to practice, inspiration to explore the art of brush lettering in your own time, and a final piece you personally created with the help of a professional and experienced lettering artist which you’ll want to frame for your walls.

Globally and 'on trend' is the revival of hand drawn lettering!


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Tutor: Andrea Marriette 

Age: 5 - 18 years

Date: Saturday 14th December 2019

Time: 9.45am - 12.30pm

Place: gallery57 crn Clermont Ave & Wellbank St, Concord

Cost: $40.00, all materials included


About Andrea:

Hailing from the UK in 2000, Andrea is an artists, illustrator and digital art designer, and has assisted many companies with new branding/rebranding and creation of marketing material.

From a very young age Andrea was in love with arts and crafts. After leaving high school she proceeded with her passion, studying for 5 years before obtaining a degree in art and design.

Andrea refined her flair for children's crafts, clothing, toys, gifts and accessories when she was the owner of a handmade boutique. With Andrea creation of any aspect never stops.


About the Workshop:

Our environment is fast becoming over run with plastics that also harms our wildlife, so let's think about how we can turn these objects into something creative to treasure forever.

This class will teach the children how to use everyday items that get thrown away and turn them into amazing gifts, decorations and even garden ornaments. We will also use a little of Mother nature like leaves, branches and pine cones. Along with plenty of embellishments like ribbons, felt, buttons, beads and much, much more.


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57A Wellbank Street, Cnr Clermont Ave

Concord NSW 2137

PO Box 178, Drummoyne NSW 1470





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