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Sylvia Sun

Xiu Luo Sun (Sylvia) is a Chinese Australian artist with over 30 years experience in teaching, painting and drawing. After graduating from Qingdao University, China in 1985 and majoring in textiles and fashion design, she became an art and design lecturer. 

In China, Sylvia participated in numerous painting exhibitions and winning awards in multiple stage costume and fashion design competitions. In Australia she has been exploring still life paintings and experimenting with colour and pattern in oils, acrylic and pastels and turning everyday items such as flowers, vases, fruits and tea sets into extraordinary expressions of beauty and depth. She sees still life as an inanimate amalgamation of composition, decoration, rigour and flexibility. 

Xiu Luo’s paintings and artworks have been exhibited and published on many occasions overseas and in Australia, with several pieces currently in the possession of private collectors.

Sylvia currently teaches term drawing classes at gallery57, Concord


Christine Curtis

Christine is an artist through and through, she grew up in England where she always showed a passion for art by excelling in all her classes from an early age through to adulthood. After studying at Art College she went on to do a degree in Graphic Design.

Her art gained recognition by winning the National Sign Centre Award after which she was offered employment in London with a prestigious design agency which formed a basis for her creative career, later refining her skills to become a proficient art teacher in schools with a gift for building an exceptional rapport with children.

Christine has travelled extensively and taught art for ten years in Germany and the UAE before taking up residence and teaching art in Queensland and is now enjoying living in Sydney.

Christine has been teaching kids weekly at our gallery57 in Concord and we have witnessed a tremendous transformation of the children's art skills and their joyful desire to keep on creating.

To find out more about Christine's art class just follow this link here.


Andrea Marriette

Andrea is an artist, illustrator and digital artist and has assisted many companies with new branding/rebranding and creation of various marketing material, and teaching arts and crafts to children.  

In her early years she loved to draw horses and birds. When she left high school she proceeded with that passion and attended 5 years through College and University studying art and design in the UK. Over the years Andrea has also painted murals in restaurants and children’s bedrooms and has received awards and special merits for artworks.

Nature and animals are usually her main subjects, but she is always very excited when asked for a commission to paint any subject.

Andrea doesn’t sticks to a style or genre, she just paints, draws or creates whatever stimulates or inspires her at the time, as she feels it should be applied through her eyes - Diversity is what makes her continue on with her passion for creation. 

Many of Andrea’s artworks have been sold in Australia as well as other countries overseas.